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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Where's the Outrage? Angeles Times Spreads Utterly Offensive New Meaning for "Born Again"

It seems almost purposely intended to offend. My buddy Dale Baker out in sunny LA explains why it is offensive and more. Given the politically correct obsessions that rule the typical MSM newsroom's editorial leadership, surely at least one desk editor at the Times thought about the possibility that thousands of the paper's readers daily use the term "born again" to describe the most profound experience of their lives?

Yes, it is true the main player in the Times article abused the term, not a Times reporter, but can you imagine the uproar if the newspaper had made a similarly offensive misappropriation of an Islamic term the centerpiece of a "news" feature?

And these folks in the MSM still have no clue why they are losing readers and rapidly becoming relics of the paper past?