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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Do You Know the Story Behind This Statue?

I am told by an email correspondent that it was created by an Iraqi man who was responsible for many of the busts of Saddam Hussein before Iraq's liberation by the U.S. The man was so grateful for the liberation that he melted three heads of Saddam and created this work of art as a memorial thanks.

Anybody else familiar with this work?


Thanks to commenter antimedia for pointing out this Army Times story from January 2004 with part of the story behind the work of Iraqi sculptor Kalat. He really did melt down busts he had previously done of Hussein and made them into this memorial to the American soldiers who died liberating his country.

But there was more to the story and it's not so inspiring. A google search of Kalat's name turned this up: The Wall Street Journal reported in March 2004 (courtesy UrbanLegends.com) that Kalat was paid a substantial sum to do the statue and that he said he did it for the same reason he did the work for Hussein, for money to pay for his education.

It remains a moving piece of sculpture to be sure and Kalat may well be an unusually gifted artist, whatever his motives.