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Monday, December 19, 2005

Interesting Book Recommendations at Instapundit, Just Right for Last-Minute But Thoughtful Gifts

Glen Reynolds asked for and has now received a raft of recommendations from folks who offer the books they found most entertaining, useful or profound during the rapidly fading year of 2005.

My favorite among the titles recommended is from Tigerhawk:

New Glory, by Ralph Peters. Beautifully written, Peters spares almost nobody in this analysis of American geopolitics. Whether on the inside of the Bush administration or to its left or right, there is something in this book that will challenge your assumptions and force you to confront your own biases.

As for my own recommendations, they are:

Total Truth, Nancy Pearcey. A professing Christian and philosopher, Pearcey tackles a tough subject - recognizing and explicating the influence of unstated, pre-theoretical suppositions on our thoughts and ideas - and makes it readily accessible and interesting for the intelligent non-philosopher. Open-minded non-believers will be particularly challenged, at least to consider the implications if Pearcey is right.

Born Fighting, James Webb. Could this be why every red-blooded American felt impelled somewhere deep within themselves to join in shouting "Wallace, Wallace" as Mel Gibson rallied the Scots before Sterling Bridge in "Braveheart"? An absolutely delightful, inspiring and thoughtful piece of historical analysis by an author who feels it in his own bones.

The Games Do Count, Brian Kilmeade. Yes, the Fox News morning host has lots of celebs and politicos but there is more than enough genuinely interesting recollections to make this one a worthwhile pleasure read for a snowy winter Saturday afternoon.