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Thursday, December 22, 2005

It Was the Year of Blogging Dangerously (and Successfully for National Journal's Blog Pioneers)

William Beutler, editor of National Journal's Blogometer, launched his blog earlier this year and has a lengthy run-down of what he views as the most significant developments of the year soon passing into the history books.

Danny Glover, editor of Beltway Blogroll, launched a little ahead of Blogometer and has been a spark behind much of the National Journal's plunge into the Blogosphere. His first post today is the start of a tracking project looking at candidate blogs for the 2006 election.

Beutler and Glover quickly established themselves as essential daily reading for many here in the nation's capitol and I congratulate them on a year of blog-launching successfully.


I am told from a credible source that Beutler actually launched his blog before Glover, but it was initially hidden behind National Journal's subscription-only access. Glover was the first to launch to the outside world.