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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Katrina Recovery Trailer Woes Just Skim Surface of Katrina Recovery Scandals to Come

Trust me, this piece highlighted by Right Wing News' John Hawkins, is an early ripple of a coming tidal wave of reporting on the multi-billion jamboree of waste and fraud generated by Hurricane Katrina.

FEMA has 125,000 trailers sitting in Arkansas while local officials in Louisiana complain they can't enough trailers to house all the hurricane victims now living in tents, cars and other temporary shelters. To which FEMA responds that it can't send trailers when local officials haven't said where to put them.

We expected anything other than bureaucratic inefficiency, infighting and finger-pointing from Big Government?

There is a special significance to this one, though, as Hawkins notes:

"If it was pointless to roll in the trailers after Katrina instead of handing out hotel vouchers, it makes even less sense now. It has been more than 3 months since Katrina hit and quite frankly, the government shouldn't be providing more than another 3 months of free housing, tops."

At what point do people resume being responsible for themselves?