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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Leviathan's Growth Fueled by Air Conditioning?

Do not miss American Enterprise Institute President Christopher DeMuth's explanation here. It may sound like a trite point, but believe me, DeMuth makes a very serious point about what the future may hold for individual liberty in America.

Just consider for one illustration how air conditioning made it easier for Congress to stick around in session. DeMuth offers this fascinating information:

"Annual sessions of Congress have run the following numbers of days on average during successive periods:

1800-99 - 165 days
1900-29 - 206 days
1930-69 - 268 days
1970-2004 - 321 days

"These figures are inclusive from convening date to adjournment sine die without adjustment for weekend or vacation recesses. Calculated from 'Session Dates of Congress,' U.S. House of Representatives, Office of the Clerk, http://clerk.house.gov/histHigh/Congressional_History/Session_Dates/index.html (accessed December 7, 2005)."