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Saturday, December 10, 2005

More on the Zogby Wal-Mart Survey

My regular Townhall.com column is up with additional observations and analysis of the background on the Zogby International survey about Wal-Mart. You can read it here.

Just received this email from a Townhall reader:

"Dear Sir:

"I have for the last couple of years received Zogbypolls through email. The frequency of surveys varies, sometimes a couple of times a week, others approximately every 6 weeks.
"In the last 6 months I can say that EVERY survey I've filled out has asked 'how often do you shop at Wal-mart?'
Depending on the answer, you are directed to different questions for the next segment of the poll. Wal-Mart is the ONLY shopping question in many ofthe surveys, the vast majority are political with personal information at the end.
"It starts to seem a bit creepy that my shopping habits at only one store are of such intestest, while my financial circumstances only rates three questions, and my ethnic heritage rates one as well.
"I would say that my background as an immigrant or non-immigrant would tell a great deal more about me, than whether or not I shop at Wal-Mart more than once a month, but Zogby doesn't care if I'm personally an immigrant or even a citizen, just how often I shop at the evil empire.
"Most of the surveys I fill out for Zogby are political in nature, I would think that where I shop and if I am a NASCAR fan - yes, that's always a question too - would be far less indicative of my political acuity than my status as a citizen or immigrant."