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Monday, December 19, 2005

NEWSFLASH! MSM Catching Up to Wizbang Reporting on Katrina, Storm Aftermath

No assessment of the performance of the mainstream media's reporting of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath will be complete or credible without a thorough inclusion of the work and critique of Wizbang.com's contributing editor, Paul.

Not being one to put to fine a point on things, Paul's latest post notes, with what must be a grim combination of frustration and professional pride, how major mainstream media and some familiar bloggers are catching up to his reporting on such issues as the ethnic distribution of fatalaties:

"Since the storm hit, I've repeatedly said that 80% of what the media was reporting was flat wrong. They're just now figuring that out. I knew 3 months ago that white people were disproportionally effected by the storm . And I was sitting in a hotel room in Memphis TN at the time. Over a week ago I blooged that More white people died per capita a fact just now getting around the blogosphere.
"It was a point I made so well,
it got plagiarized here.
"Now the NY Times and the LA Times run front pages stories saying what I knew 3 months ago - that they were clueless all thru the storm."

Go here for Paul's full post.

I've had a few things to say about these issues, too, including here, here and here, among many others.