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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Pegasus News Plans Relaunch of TexasGigs.com

Aren't sure what TexasGigs.com is about? Let me assure you it has nothing to do with "going' frog giggin," as some in the Lone Star State's piney woods are occasionally known to do. No, this giggin' has to do with Internet-based citizen journalism:

"For the nonlocals, TexasGigs is the blog/podcasting labor of love produced by Cindy Chaffin. For the last few years, it has consistently won some derivation of the Dallas Observer's best blog award.
"We're working with Cindy, and several other active folks on the music scene to pool their knowledge into our licensed/souped-up content management system to create a more robust local music site.
"It will launch with detailed info on more than 300 local bands, interlocked with databases of upcoming shows, audio tracks from many of the bands, and streaming stations by band, genre, and coming attractions."

Go here for the complete story.