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Friday, December 23, 2005

Wizbang Adds Reuters Video News Stories

Think about this for a second: If I can go to a blog that includes traditional blog commentary, video news reports, rss feeds from mainstream media like AP, rss feeds from blogger news outlets like Blogger News Network, blogging podcasts and links to Internet radio sites, why would I ever again need to pay for a dead tree newspaper?

Clearly the Blogosphere is at about the same point in its development as the auto industry was when Henry Ford introduced the Model T. It put the world on wheels, but look how far we've come to get to the Ford GT.

Kevin Aylward's Wizbang just added the Wizbang News Channel, which is video news featuring Reuters-produced content. A Wizbang Podcast is just up and running. And Kevin promises more to come in the very near future. This is getting some distance away from the Blogosphere's Model T days.

Check it out here.

And don't think the mainstream media isn't noticing such developments. Doug Petch takes a look at a feature in today's Lexington Herald-Leader on social networking and the web.