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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bloggers Getting Behind Operation Iraqi Child

Everybody in the LaLaLand of television and movies is a raging Leftist who hates America and thinks George W. Bush is really Hitler reincarnated, right? Not quite. If you ever watch the CSI series you probably recognize actor Gary Sinise.

Sinise went to Iraq in 200, saw a critical need to help Iraqi kids get back in school after years of war and oppression authored by Saddam Hussein and came home determined to do something about it. Out of Sinise's effort came Operation Iraqi Children.

Blogging journalist Michael Yon's recent dispatch does a tremendous job of explaining the work of OIC and why it is among the most important things being done in Iraq. In many respects, OIC is literally cradling the future of Iraq and the freedom of Iraq's citizens.

That's where another blogger comes into the picture. Trevor Bothwell of Democracy Project is organizing bloggers - including Tapscott's Copy Desk - to join the OIC effort by putting together school supply kits to be distributed through OIC.

If you are familiar with Rev. Franklin Graham's Samaritan's Purse and its annual Christmas Child shoeboxes, the OIC school supply kits will be instantly familiar. Each kit includes the basic necessities for a child in school such as paper, pencils, erasers and so forth.

Bothwell is encouraging bloggers to sign up to provide as many kits as possible. It's a great way to do something vitally important for millions of Iraqi kids and to provide the same opportunity for your friends, neighbors and acquaintances at the office, church, professional group or other assembly.

Email Trevor at bothwelltj@yahoo.com and let him know you are getting behind the effort. The Lord knows the good you will be doing.