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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Coming Capitol Hill Staff Blog is One to Watch

RedState.org is organizing a blog that will be open for posting only to congressional staff members to talk anonymously about what is happening on Capitol Hill. Mike Krempasky, a RedState founder, has more details here.

Long-time TCD readers know my passion for blogs doing for government what they have already done for the mainstream media. This new blog is an important step forward in the slowly developing capacity of the Blogosphere to report what is going on in Congress.

I see lots of potential problems ahead for this blog and it could prove to be a useless repository of hoary bromides about how great are our representatives, or a short-lived career killer for some imprudent young aides.

More likely in my judgement is this new Hill blog will go through several iterations before eventually becoming an important inside source for getting candid accounts of who did what to whom and why.

Kudos to RedState for taking on such a project.