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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hillary Clinton: Religion, Not Terrorism, is the Problem

Oprah Winfrey gave Hillary Clinton an opportunity to strut her best stuff for her prospective campaign for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, but the New York senator from Arkansas ended up trashing religion instead.

So, it's religion that encourages the sort of intolerance that inspires people to hijack commercial aircraft and fly them into big buildings, according to Clinton. Not Islamofascism, but "intolerance cloaked in religion." Since she didn't distinguish which particular faiths she had in mind, we can only presume she would include the Islamic, Christian and Jewish religions.

That's why, as Gateway pundit so eloquently puts it:

"Listening to Hillary you would think that Nuns in the Philippines are flying planes into buildings screaming 'Hail Mary!' or that devotees leaving a Billy Graham revival are heading to the closest restaurant to order a non-alcoholic beverage and then set off a bomb with their booby-trapped Bible."

The latent presupposition of Clinton's statement appears to be the familiar secularist equating of all religious faiths as mythical and therefore equally useless except as utilitarian bolsters of weak personalities.

Gateway Pundit has much more here.