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Monday, January 02, 2006

Kentucky Bloggers Denied Press Passes to Cover Blue Grass State Legislature in 2006 Session

Doug Petch has the details about a developing situation in his home state where it appears Kentucky officials are determined not to allow bloggers to cover that state legislature when it convenes next week in Frankfort, the state capital.

I am never surprised when government officials at any level place road blocks to the improved coverage on behalf of the public of what the authorities are doing. There is no doubt in my mind, either, that adding bloggers to the state capital press corps in Kentucky and every one of the other states would be a net improvement in public knowledge.

But this fracas in the Blue Grass state is likely an early skirmish in what will be a lengthy nationwide struggle for bloggers to achieve the recognition they deserve as valuable public policy resources from government officials.

In the meantime, check out Petch's post and we'll keep track of things with updates as they become available.