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Monday, January 23, 2006

Los Angeles Times Stringer Gave Kerry $, Then Went to Work for the Newspaper

Early last year, I posted on what I found when I searched Political Moneyline's contribution data for donors identifying themselves as journalists. There were 42 who gave a total of 52 gifts to Democrat candidates, eight to Republicans and three to Lyndon LaRouche (More gifts than donors due to multiple gifts by individuals).

That March 21, 2005, post included this sentence: "Jennifer Lisle, a stringer who writes on real estate for The Los Angeles Times, gave $1,000 to John Kerry for President."

Out of the blue today, I received an email from Lisle:

"Your blog entry of Monday March 21 2005 is incorrect in naming me as an LATimes stringer and JOhn Kerry donor is incorrect. I donated the money for Kerry's campaign in early April 2004 but didn't start working for the LATimes until July of 2004."

I wonder if she thinks the fact she gave John Kerry money two months before going to work for the Times rather than after "proves" something about bias or lack thereof in her reporting?

Moving right along ....

... And speaking of The Los Angeles Times, this is VERY good news for readers of that troubled and often troubling daily - Matt Welch of Hit & Run has signed on as an Assistant Editor in the Opinion section.

There may be hope for the future of The Los Angeles Times after all.