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Monday, January 23, 2006

More on The End of 20th Century Journalism

Hugh Hewitt did a little google search after reading The Los Angeles Times' front page story on the anniversary of Roe v Wade and found an interesting item on LiveJournal (scroll down to the fourth item).

It appears one of the reporters who authored the Roe v Wade piece was in Indiana recently to do a story on a state legislator's proposal to limit abortion. At the same time, the LiveJournal entry linked to above provided contact information for both the LA Time reporter and Planned Parenthood Director of Communications Theresa Browning.

Go here for Hugh's observations about the propriety of this apparent instance of coverage coordination between a major media outlet and one of the key advocates involved in the story being published.

Also, Hugh has added more responses from bloggers to his Weekly Standard piece about his visit to the Columbia Journalism School and his analysis of why the LA Times latest abortion coverage provides an apt example of what is irretrievably wrong with mainstream media:

"For a perfect example of the sort of agenda journalism that is killing the old media, and which CJS and all its sister schools will never be able to reform because left-wing reporters and editors aren't interested in reforming, see the front page scare-piece in this morning's Los Angeles Times: 'States Step Up Fight on Abortion.'"

Looks like the Weekly Standard piece has stirred up some significant buzz in the Blogosphere. Any bets on whether the same will be seen in the mainstream media?