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Thursday, January 12, 2006

No Artistic License Was Needed to Make "End of the Spear" the Sleeper Flick of the Year

You are a young man full of talent, energy, vision. You are consumed by a desire to serve mankind. You have your whole life before you and the world is your stage. You also have a loving wife and dreams of a life together building a family.

What do you do? Why, you join a couple of other guys on a mission in the Ecuadorian jungle to find a tribe that just happens to be among the most violent and isolated in the entire world.

Lots of people would say the apparently tragic result was easily predictable. They would all be wrong. This movie is based on a true story. "Artistic license" was not needed because the facts are so amazing.

"End of the Spear" opens in movie theaters across the nation Jan. 20. This could well be the sleeper flick of the year.

Over at The Land of Ozz, blogger Hank Osbourne has a review and lots of details from the backstory to the movie.

PREDICTION: You won't hear much if anything about "End of the Spear" in the mainstream media.

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