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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Noticed Any Familiar Themes on the Boob Tube Lately?

PolitPundit's D.J. Drummond has been watching a lot of prime time televison lately and noticed some familiar themes. All involve white women as heroes and rich white men as bums, thugs, criminals and perverts. Except for the brave white liberal who risks all to help minorities being crushed by society's pervasive racism, classism, sexism, etcism. etcism.

Notes Drummund of the new series, Injustice:

"Hailed by ABC as 'groundbreaking.' this series features a brave white defense lawyer, who convicts the entire Criminal Justice system on the assumption of massive misjudgments by police, courts, attorneys and juries.
"The brave white man steps in to help minorities who apparently are not able to find justice without a brave white liberal to help them. Apparently the 'groundbreaking' part comes from a white liberal male helping the minority people out, instead of a white liberal female."

Go here for the rest of Drummond's observations.

All I can say is that after a while, you realize there really is only one permissible theme for the boob tube - make the middle age white guy the bad guy and make this week's favored liberal victim the hero.