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Monday, January 16, 2006

PORKBUSTERS UPDATE: Here's a Way to Get Your Question to House GOP Leadership Candidates

Truth Laid Bear has opened a page where bloggers can suggest questions that ought to be answered by candidates for the House GOP leadership. The site hasn't been up long and already there are 20 oustanding entries.

This new Porkbusters vehicle could be a milestone in the growth of the Blogosphere's capacity to force higher standards of transparency, accountability and accuracy on government, just as it already has on the mainstream media.

The challenge here is linking the Blogosphere's undoubted capacity to apply the wisdom of crowds to particular issues or problems with the Blogosphere's demonstrated ability to generate political activism by millions of citizens across the country for both candidates and causes.

Focusing the debate on who should be the House GOP's new leadership and what ought to be their priorities is a gigantic opportunity to put both of these Blogosphere traits to work in a way that will make a profound difference.

I hope you will check out the "GOP Leadership Questions" page at Truth Laid Bear and let them know what you think they should do if they are selected to help lead the House majority. And tell your blog's readers to do the same!