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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

PORKBUSTERS UPDATE: The Problem Goes Beyond Pork

Carolina Journal's Paul Chesser is in The American Spectator today with a roundup of insights and observations about why only getting rid of the pork spending in Washington, D.C. will not solve the real problem.

And just what is the real problem, according to Chesser? It starts with a familiar buzzword:

"'Invest' is the favorite buzzword of politicians - both Democrat and Republican - who like to use other people's money to take chances in risky businesses. The results are often as scandalous as anything Abramoff has perpetrated.

"As is the Supreme Court-endorsed practice of employing eminent domain to give private property to developers, also in the name of economic development. You should already be familiar with the Kelo v. New London decision in Connecticut, which took away homeowners' land and gave it to a developer to build more tax revenue-generating commercial property.

"Similar situations exist in localities all over the country, like Riviera Beach, Florida, where officials want to displace a largely minority ('blighted') community on the waterfront in favor of a marina and more expensive houses.

"What it represents is a pervasive attitude throughout government, and extending through both political parties, that there are no rights of the people other than those granted by those in political power. Local and state government, with eminent domain and economic incentives, merely represent the farm system that leads to the big-time pork playground."

Read the rest of Chesser's analysis here.