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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Time for a New Jackson/Vanik to Stop Google's Gagging for China's Communist Regime

Democracy Project's Bruce Kesler lays it out in stark terms regarding the decisions being made by many of America's top online technology companies to cooperate with the repressive policies of the Chinese communist government in return for being granted access to "the world's largest market."

"If this were 60-years ago, would Google be agreeing to censor out news of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in order to have access to Nazi Germany’s Europe? Why are we tolerating this corporate immorality? Is it time for a 'Jackson-Vanik' Amendment to reaffirm our nation's stand with the Chinese, and their future leaders, once the current thugocrats are replaced?"

Jackson-Vanik was a 1974 law that linked Soviet access to U.S. trade and aid to that communist regimes willingness to allow free immigration of Jews to Israel. The law was co-sponsored by Sen. Henry Jackson, D-WA, and Charles Vanik, D-OH.

Jackson-Vanik worked extremely well and made possible the massive influx of Soviet Jews to Israel that followed the law's passage.

A new Jackson-Vanik for the cyber age should link China's willingness to allow all of its citizens unobstructed and uncensored access to the Internet to that still-authoritarian regime's access to U.S. markets and companies.

When the lobbyists and PR spinmasters from Google, Yahoo, Intel and other Silicon Valley giants who have made deals with the Chinese devil start screaming about lost jobs and contracts, they should be referred to Peking.


PubliusPundit wonders why it's ok for Google to tell Uncle Sam where to get off but then voluntarily does exactly what the communist government in Peking demands.


Sometimes humor is the best way to make a deadly serious point. Scott Ott demonstrates here.