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Monday, January 30, 2006

Who Will Win the House Majority Leader Post?

If the question posed by the headline above this post interests you, you have two reading options this morning. First , you can go to the front page of The Washington Post and read Jonathan Weisman's "Corruption Scandals Cast Shadow on GOP Leadership Race."

Perhaps predictably, Weisman seems to think the only newsworthy development in the House Majority Leader contest is how it is over-shadowed by the Abramoff scandal. The word "blog" appears nowhere in Weisman's piece.

Weisman notes that Rep. Roy Blunt, R-MO, claims to have the contest wrapped up. Blunt's opponents are Rep. John Boehner, R-OH, and Rep. John Shadegg, R-AZ. All three candidates appear to have potential scandals associated with them, according to the Weisman story.

Or you can go to National Journal's Hotline where editor Chuck Todd offers an in-depth analysis of the race and explains why the conventional wisdom, which Weisman pretty much echoes, could well be wrong:

"Has the political 'CW' been wrong before? Too many times to recall. But for a number of reasons (among them Shadegg's rock star support in the conservative blogsophere and the absence of the sort of MSM scrutiny which Boehner and Blunt were subject to at the race's outset) the momentum that had carried Blunt's candidacy to the brink of inevitability a few weeks ago has hit a wall. "

Note that Todd links Shadegg's support on the Right side of the Blogosphere as one of the reasons why the race appears to be anything but decided, despite claims by Blunt and his aide to have enough votes to win.

I have no idea who will win this contest but in the contest between a journalist who apparently sees no significance to the role of bloggers and another journalist who recognizes the importance of bloggers, my vote goes with the latter.