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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wide Support Among House Majority Leader Candidates for Bloggers' Reform Proposals

N.Z. Bear of Truth Laid Bear has completed compiling transcripts of the Talk Radio and blogger conference call interviews last week of the three candidates for House Majority Leader.

As Bear notes in his post, it is tremendously heartening to see all three candidates expressing varying degrees of support for three key congressional reforms advanced by bloggers:

"The full table of results can be seen on the main GOP leadership page, and there are predictably some key policy differences between the candidates.

"But in reviewing their responses, what struck me is how all three were willing to make broad commitments to key reform measures. Those who, like myself, are most focused on this race because of an interest in implementing genuine reform, will be heartened to see the wide consensus on proposals that probably would have been considered radical just a few months ago."

The three reforms include posting on the internet the full text of all bills and bill reports 72 hours before Congress is to vote on them, applying the Freedom of Information Act to Congress and making public the names of Members who requested specific spending earmarks.

No matter the outcome of the leadership race, Hugh Hewitt, N.Z. Bear and Glenn Reynolds deserve praise from bloggers and citizens everywhere for bringing together the three candidates, coordinating and publishing the interviews and forcing key reform issues to the forefront of the contest.

As Bear notes, this process is just a small taste of the power the Blogosphere can and will have to impact and shape policy-making and policy makers in government. Put another way, the Blogosphere reached an important milestone with this race.