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Friday, February 10, 2006

And Then There Are The Secularist Jihadists Trying To Snuff Christianity

Officials in Deltona, Flordia, have told artist Lloyd Marcus that he cannot exhibit his paintings during Black History Month because they contain "Christian symbols." Go here for the full story from NewsMax.com's Carl Limbacher.

This development illustrates the common underlying motivation linking Islamo-fascists seeking to use those Danish cartoons to intimidate Western media that profess to believe in freedom of the press and the West's own secular fanatics who are determined to crush all public manifestations of Christianity. Both groups seek to control freedom of expression and thought for their own ends.

Prediction: There will be no riots, no demonstrations, no embassy burnings, no demands for the execution of those offending a faith as a result of the violation of Marcus' constitutional right to free expression by local authorities in Florida. Why? Because the true "religion of peace" is Christianity.


Powerline's Scott Johnson is right:

"Of the giving of offense, there is no end. The caving in of the American media to the howling mob, as Churchill said in another, not entirely unrelated context, has consequences which will travel far with us along our road."