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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Are the 'Bama Church Fires Anti-Baptist Bigotry?

Terry Mattingly at GetReligion.org fisks some of the MSM reporting on those church fires in rural Alabama and comes away wondering if "lacking the racial hook, this story is not a major, national story because the victims do not fit into an standard template for hate-crime coverage. I mean, might this actually be a case of anti-Baptist bigotry?"

It's a logical question when you take a close look at what is being reported and how. Go here for the full analysis by Mattingly.

The only observation I would add is that I am struck by the paucity of coverage for these church fires and the long-running absence of coverage of systematic mistreatment and not-infrequent brutal genocide regularly carried out against Christians of all denominations in Muslim countries like the Sudan and Indonesia. Is there a parallel here?

BTW, GetReligion.org is a group blog and an excellent source for reasoned, factual and historically informed analysis of current public policy issues and their religious implications. It's going on my blogroll today.