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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

MSM = "Controversy, Crap and Confusion?"

Captain's Quarters' Ed Morrissey solicited readers for logo ideas based on former senator Allan Simpson's description on FOX News Sunday of the mainstream media as "controversy, crap and confusion."

Ed is getting a steady stream of suggested logos in response, many of which are quite good. My favorite among those submitted thus far is above. If you haven't checked'em out yet, go here to do so. And if you have some ideas of your own, Ed wants to hear from you.

By the way, with last week's Cheney contretemps and this week's UAR port deal blowup, it appears the Bush White House is in the midst of one of those downsides of the PR cycle. That means the bounce from SOTU and other January developments ended with a poll rating around 40-42.

It's like the basketball that keeps bouncing back up but a little lower each time. Who will be the first MSMer to declare Bush's as the shortest second term in history?