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Friday, February 24, 2006

MSMers Strut Their Biases at Mainstream Media's "Academy Awards of Journalism"

Political Palavar's PolPal was at last night's National Press Foundation Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C. where MSMers like long-time politics reporter Jack Germond were feted and celebrated by colleagues from the print and broadcast sides of mainstream media.

The dinner is an annual affair and is an interesting spectacle for anybody curious about how MSMers act when they are the only ones in the audience. PolPal was not exactly impressed with what he saw and heard:

"Hitting his full stride, Sage Germond pontificated on exactly why Bush was elected. 'The American voters couldn’t see through George Bush’s promise to protect them from terrorism.'

"Thanks for that, Jack! It’s good to know that more than 62 million (55% male and 48% female) Americans are idiots because they voted for President Bush.

"Without your 'Distinguished Contribution to Journalism' surely our country would be lost!"

Go here for more.