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Thursday, February 09, 2006

PORKBUSTERS UPDATE: Pork Barrel Reduction Act Tracking Site Up

Senators Tom Coburn, R-OK and John McCain, R-AZ, were joined earlier today by eight colleagues as co-sponsors of the Pork Barrel Reduction Act that is designed to let the sun shine in on Congress and its wasteful earmarks.

Among much else, the Pork Barrel Reduction Act would require making public the names of Members of Congress requesting specific earmarks, as well as allowing individual Members to challenge earmarks and requiring recorded votes. For more details, go here on the Coburn web site.

To aid public understanding of the proposal, Porkbusters co-founders N.Z. Bear of Truth Laid Bear and Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit have put up a new page designed to track the proposal's status in Congress. You can see that page here.