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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

What I'm Reading These Days ....

Reading Now:

"The City: A Global History" by Joel Kotkin. From ancient Babylon to today's City by the Bay, a history that is a real page turner if you care about urban and suburban issues.

"Sprawl: A Compact History" by Robert Bruegmann. Should be required reading for anybody and everybody with even the remotest influence on Smart Growth debates and policies, chiefly because it punctures most of the myths that guide such folks.

"A War Like No Other" by Victor Davis Hanson. Just arrived yesterday but I knew within first 10 pages or so that is a seriously good read.

On the Way:

"The Basic Symbols of the American Political Tradition" by Wilmoore Kendall and George Carey. This was essential when I was in the Kendall PhD program for political philosophy at the University of Dallas many years ago. Somewhere along the way I lost my very marked up and tattered copy. I've missed having it on the book shelf, though its many valuable lessons about the Constitution and the American political tradition have never left me. It will be good to have it back in the Tapscott library.

"An Army of Davids" by Glenn Reynolds. Yes, I pre-ordered. Can't resist something written by Reynolds and eagerly recommended by Hugh Hewitt.