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Monday, March 20, 2006

Gergen versus Zito on Status of Iraq

Former Reagan and Clinton White House advisor David Gergen was on Washington, D.C.'s WTOP all-news radio station this morning talking about how the insurgency in Iraq is inflicting more damage today than ever before.

As soon as WTOP.com posts a link to the interview, I'll get it up here because it is a classic illustration of the Establishment intellectualoid pol repeating the fashionable line about the failure of the U.S. effort in Iraq.

For a more realistic assessment of the situation on the ground in Iraq, check this column from Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist Salena Zito. Rather than talking to other Establishmentarians at Harvard and around D.C., Zito in contrast to Gergen actually talked to people in the thick of the struggle.

Go here for the Zito column.


Blogger problems yesterday prevented my being able to post the link to the Gergen interview on WTOP in which he made the following statement:

"The insurgents are inflicting more damage than ever before. Cheney said yesterday [the insurgents] must be desperate. The evidence moves just the other way. We are in a very tough situation there. And we ought to be realistic about it and it's going to be hard to succeed. It looks like we are heading towards something that's less than a total success and it could be a disaster."

If the insurgents are inflicting more damage than ever before, why are U.S. casualties down and the effectiveness of the Iraqi military and police forces on the increase? Gergen's comments are classic "talking head expert" hemming and hawing while echoing the fashionable Establishment line on.

Gergen even managed during the WTOP intervuew to throw in a statement comparing the difficulties now faced by the U.S. military in confronting Iraqi insurgents with the quagmire that was Vietnam. How do you spell "Out of touch" these days?