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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Lazy Reporters or Partisan Tools?

To such disparate publications as the Seattle Times, National Journal's Congress Daily and The Wall Street Journal, the Campaign for a Cleaner Congress is simply a "watchdog group," a "non-partisan" group or some other innocuous, good-government sounding variation on the theme.

In fact, as RedState.org's Blanton documents here, CCC is a front group for a bunch of hyper-partisan Democrat operatives drawn from congressional staffs, the Clinton White House, the Democratic National Committee and assorted Democratic 527s and related advocacy groups:

"CCC's Secretary-Treasurer is one Amy Prichard, the former Political Director for the DNC and a campaign director for the DCCC. The CCC's board members are all former Clinton staffers, DNC staffers, and other lefty political types. Oh, Dennis Hopper's wife Victoria, a prolific Kerry fundraiser, is also on the board.

"CCC also has two staffers. Sandra Salstrom, who was a staff member for Grassroots Democrats, a 527 Committee 'dedicated to strengthening the infrastructure and financial resources necessary to deliver Democratic victories, and Mike Casey, a former spokesman for former Senator Don Reigle (D-MI) and for the DCCC."

So did the reporters who described CCC in such bland terms purposely deceive readers about the nature of the group or were they just too lazy to figure it out? This goes beyond mere liberal bias. And it is infuriating to those of us who love the profession of journalism and want to see it thrive.

And they still wonder why their credibility is in the toilet?