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Friday, April 14, 2006

Great First Week at The Examiner

Despite the injured right elbow and all that entails, it's been a great first week as Editorial Page Editor at The Washington Examiner.

The newsroom, which is just a block down the street from The Washington Post in downtown Washington, D.C., is full of sharp, energetic and creative people.

Patrick Gavin, our Associate Editorial Page Editor is on vacation, so Barbara Hollingsworth, our local opinion editor, has been doing double duty in answering my many questions, while banging out some great edits on immigration marches, Virginia budget travails and Montgomery County Public Schools curious explanation for giving credit to students joining those marches.

My email here is mtapscott@dcexaminer.com. Posting has been extremely light this week and likely will be so for a few weeks, but don't take me off your blogrolls or daily reading lists.

Next week, all five days will see lead editorials on the immigration debate, plus some hot op-eds, and all of it will be linked here. I hope you won't be bashful about letting me know your thoughts in response next week.