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Monday, May 22, 2006

Cut Their Pay and Send Them Home?

Remember Sen. Lamar Alexander's campaign slogan when he was seeking the White House years ago? I was reminded of that slogan last week while observing the events on Capitol Hill as the House voted to limit the number of bureaucrats taking vacations on official business.

Putting a limit on such bureaucratic fun junkets was a good thing but what about the emerging evidence of hypocrisy in the House lobbying reform bill that requires public identification of earmkarks and their congressional sponsors?

One small step forward on bureaucrats junkets, two giant leaps backward on the lobbying bill. Here's a point from The Washington Examiner's editorial take on the situation:

"On the one hand, many of these representatives stood before America and crowed about the importance of lobbying reforms. On the other, they were busily inserting exceptions like the one that exempts from disclosure the identity of the author of an earmark that directs tax dollars to a federal agency. About half of the thousands of earmarks approved in recent years would thus be exempted from public knowledge."

Be sure and read the whole editorial and email your response to the Examiner.

UPDATE: National Journal's Glover on Conservative Battle Fatigue

Danny Glover is a mainstream media guy who serves as managing editor of National Journal's Technology Daily. He is also a rising star in the Blogosphere, having launched Beltway Blogroll a little more than a year ago and enjoying growing visibility and influence as a result.

Glover has a great eye for details and his description of the recent Conservative Battle Fatigue debate on the Blogosphere does a great job of capturing the several players and their arguments as the discussion progressed.

One of the major contexts for that discussion is the failure of the GOP majority in Congress to pursue with credible aggressiveness the conservative agenda, so Glover's account dovetails effectively with the "Cut their pay and send them home" meme above.

Go here for the full Glover.