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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Geraghtyite "What is to be Done"

NRO's TKS blogger Jim Geraghty follows up his previous posts on why he believes conservatives must remain within the GOP in order to avoid turning the reins of power over to the Moonbats on the Left with a new post on his ideas of how conservatives should be involved.

Lots of excellent advice here regardless of whether one believes the GOP is the only appropriate vehicle available to conservatives or that the GOP is fatally flawed and headed for the ash heap of history sooner or later.

May the debate continue ... I will have more myself later today. First, I have to write an editorial on the Bush speech last night for tomorrow's edition of The Washington Examiner.

Not sure about the "Geraghtyite" reference? It's from Master Hewitt and you can read all about it here.