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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Senate Conferees Voted 2-1 For More Pork

Check out the voting records of the Senate conferees at the Porkbusters web site. I went through the data and found 84 votes cast by the conferees on the three key anti-earmark votes. Of the 84 votes cast by the conferees, 61 were in favor of the earmarks, 23 were against.

In other words, the conferees appointed by the Senate's Republican and Democrat leadership to negotiate with the House voted in favor of earmarks twice as often as they did against earmarks. Of the 28 conferees, 13 voted for earmarks every chance they had. The only conferee who voted against earmarks at every opportunity was Kohl.

Of the 23 votes cast by conferees against earmarks, 11 were by GOP senators, the other dozen by Democrats. That apparent balance is a bit deceiving, however, as there were 8 GOP senators who voted for earmarks every time, compared to five among the Democrats.