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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

China Now Wants to Censor Foreign Journalists for Stories Causing "Social Unrest" on Riots, Disasters

It's just to insure "responsible" reporting of natural disasters and riots, of course, but Chinese officials now want the Chinese "Parliament" to approve a law proposed by the communist regime authorizing stiff fines for violators.

My Way News reports that Wang Yongqing, vice-minister of the State Council Legislative Affairs Office, "told a news conference fines would only be imposed if reports caused 'grave consequences to society' and claimed the law was not meant to deter independent reporting.

"The law is meant 'to prevent certain news media from disseminating groundless news or rumors, or reporting false information which may mislead the public and cause unnecessary social panic,' he said."

Expect editorials and resolutions blasting the Chinese Communists for this transparent attempt to extend state control of the flow of information from The Washington Post, The New York Times, Society for Professional Journalists and the United Nations any year now.

Go here for the full report from My Ways News.