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Thursday, July 20, 2006

International Journalist Group Aids Hezbollah Terrorism Propaganda

Some may find it hard to believe but, as Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters and Bruce Kesler at Democracy-Project detail, the truth is that the International Federation of Journalists is siding with the Iranian front terrorist group Hezbollah in its attacks on Israel from Lebanon.

At the center of the controversy is the Hezbollah propaganda broadcast outfit Al-Manar, which Israel bombed during the current campaign against the terrorist group operating in Southern Lebanon.

Aidan White, the IFJ's top official, condemned Israel's actions and defended Al-Manar as a "free press" outlet. Al-Manar is owned and operated by Hezbollah. Israeli journalists demanded a retraction from White, who not only did not apologize but issued another statement condemning Israel.

Since White must know the truth about Al-Manar, it is difficult to reach any conclusion but that he intends to aid Hezbollah, or at the very least is quite willing to be allow himself and his organization to be manipulated on behalf of Hezbollah.

Ed Morrissey notes the ridiculous nature of White's description of Al-Manar:

"Al-Manar qualifies as a free press in the same manner as Hezbollah qualifies as a free-market political party. The television channel exists to broadcast terrorist propaganda. Even the EU recognizes it: they banned Al-Manar from European satellites six years ago. It has the same independent quality as Leni Riefenstahl did during the 1936 Olympics."

It will be interesting indeed to see how the U.S. and Canadian journalism unions involved with IJF react. Bruce Kesler notes that among the seven are The Newspaper Guild and the Writers Guild of America.

The European Union refused several years ago to allow Al-Manar access to satellite broadcasting facilities.

Kesler notes these North American members of the IJF:

Canada: Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP)
Canada: Fédération nationale des communications (FNC)
Canada: TNG Canada / CWA
USA: American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
USA: National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981)
USA: The Newspaper Guild - CWA
USA: Writers Guild of America, East

PREDICTION: The Newspaper Guild will condemn Israel and Hezbollah, thus conveniently skirting the fundamental fact of Hezbollah's declared aim of destroying Israel and the terrorist group's kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers and rocketing innocent civilians in Northern Israel.