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Monday, July 03, 2006

PORKBUSTERS UPDATE: The New York Times Highlights Bipartisan Support for Coburn's Federal Spending Database Proposal for Internet

Sen. Tom Coburn's proposal to create a publicly accessible Internet database of all federal spending gets some excellent coverage in today's issues of The New York Times in a news article by reporter Jason DeParle. The Oklahoma Republican's proposal is co-sponsored by Senators Barrack Obama, D-IL, Tom Carper, D-DE, and John McCain, R-AZ.

I say it is excellent not because I happen to be quoted in it but because DeParle does a great job of presenting the proposal and describing reactions to it across the political spectrum. Note, too, the irritation of Rep. Tom Davis, R-VA., with Coburn's insistence that the database include both federal grants and contracts.

Davis says there is no need to put contracts on the public database because they are awarded competitively. All of them except those that are awarded as sole source contracts. And those that are awarded by bureaucrats who managed the process to insure a friendly contractor gets the deal. And so on and so on.

UPDATE: Reactions

Bruce Kesler at Democracy Project is supportive of the proposed federal spending database but doubts that it will make much difference. See his full post here.