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Friday, July 07, 2006

You Own The Paper But We Run It, So Stay Out!

Does anybody else see the irony of the top of this story in The Los Angeles Times about the unpleasantness in the newsroom of another California newspaper:

"Five top editors and a veteran columnist have resigned from the Santa Barbara News-Press, saying Thursday that the newspaper's billionaire owner had been meddling improperly in the editorial content of the 151-year-old publication.

"Editor Jerry Roberts was escorted from the newspaper's headquarters before noon as several staff members cried and others hurled obscenities at the new publisher, Travis K. Armstrong, the latest in a series of people to run the paper under controversial owner Wendy McCaw."

Can you imagine the gall of the owner to actually think she might have anything to say about the management of her newspaper? What does she think it is, her newspaper or something?

I have no idea whether McCaw's actions are those of a frustrated owner dealing with the passive-resistance-gone-overt of an entrenched newsroom establishment or those of a billionaire philanthropist and environmentalist determined to publish a propaganda sheet.

One thing is certain - Regardless what the newsroom scribes of Santa Barbara think, whether McCaw is a new Al Neuharth or a reincarnation of Horace Greeley, it's HER newspaper.

Go here for the rest of the story.