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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And in the Earmarks Project News ....

Check out Porkoplis, the blog of Mario Delgaudo in Cinncinnati. Mario is providing a textbook demonstration of how bloggers can use the posted database of 1,800+ Labor-HHS appropriations bill earmarks to pressure Members of Congress and earmark recipient to come clean.

You can check out the Earmarks Database on the Examiner.com web site here. You can also give it a look at the database and some excellent charts breaking the data out by various factors by Porkbusters.org here.

You can get a superb graphic representation of the database via an earmarks map created by Sunlight Foundation here.

And you can scan the database at Citizens Against Government Waste by going here.

You will also find lots of useful background information about earmarks and advice on how to research the earmarks at each of the four sites that posted the Labor-HHS earmarks database earlier this month.