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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dancing on Castro's Grave

Fidel Castro's continuing health problems and the prospect of imminent liberation of Cuba has South Florida Cuban community excited as never before. With so many of these folks having fled Cuba, their excitement about what happens following Castro's demise is understandable. But we aren't hearing much about this in the MSM, are we?

Robert Cox, president of the Media Bloggers Association and a member of The Examiner Newspapers' Blog Board of Contributors, is married to a Cuban whose family was among those lucky enough to get out of Cuba after Castro began turning that unhappy island into the Caribean's first and only enduring Marxist dictatorship.

In his latest Blog Board contribution, Cox tells "Eduardo's" story. One wonders how long it will be before the MSM gets around to reporting this part of the end days of Castro's dictatorship. Go here for the complete Cox piece.