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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Davis Says He's Willing to Ask House to Add Contracts to Spending Database

Rep. Tom Davis, R-VA, who chairs the House Government Reform Committee, told The Washington Examiner today that he will be the lead House conferee if the Coburn-Obama spending database bill clears the Senate and goes into a conference committee meeting.

Davis was a leading proponent of a House-passed bill that would also establish on the Internet a federal spending database but, unlike Coburn-Obama, would include only federal grants, not grants and contracts.

Proponents of the Coburn-Obama bill have feared House insistence on not including federal contracts in the proposed database would kill the legislation that appears headed for easy passage by the Senate.

Asked by The Examiner if he would support inclusion of contracts in the database in the conference committee, Davis said "if the Senate has it, I would yield to it." Asked if he would encourage House colleagues to approve a conference report that includes contracts, Davis said "I don't have a problem going back to the House for it."

Davis did leave himself an out, saying he would have "to look at it, see how they do it" of the Senate bill but the Virginia congressman insisted that he favors transparency and competition in federal contracting. "The more competition you have, the better," Davis said.