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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Editor & Publisher Editor in Flap Over Admission of Early Career Lie

Greg Mitchell is editor of the most widely read trade publication of the newspaper industry, Editor & Publisher. He is an aggressively liberal advocate of the traditional mainstream media and is often highly critical of bloggers.

Now it appears Mitchell may have misrepresented some key facts regarding his admission of decision to lie to his editors and readers during his first professional job with a newspaper. Dan Riehl explains:

"The facts seem to indicate he was a 21 year-old paid professional journalist, not the 19 year-old intern he allowed readers to believe. Mitchell has also previously acknowledged relevant facts he managed to get wrong in his mea culpa as highly memorable events.

"Given the additional discovery that he has now gone back three years after the fact to alter the article's lede, thereby reinforcing errors that diminish the significance of his lapse, some may find it difficult to conclude Mitchell's misreporting was anything other than an intentional act."

Go here for the rest of Riehl's post. AllahPundit first broke the story here. I've never met Mitchell and I often find myself disagreeing with him but I think he does have a genuine commitment to a journalism of truth and I hope there is more to be said on this flap.

UPDATE: Mary Katharine Ham explains everything

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