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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Frist Talks With Captain Ed About Secret Senate Hold; Senate Majority Leader Assesses Iran

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-TN, was in Minneapolis earlier today and sat down for a lengthy interview with three of the Blogosphere's top intellects, Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters and Scott Johnson and John Hinderaker of Powerline.

Naturally, Captain Ed made certain the conversation turned to the secret hold put on the Coburn-Obama Federal Financial Accountability and Transparency Act to establish a public internet Database of most federal spending.

As I have said from the beginning, Frist acknowledged that he knows or can find out who is behind the hold. But he makes a case for not forcing that senator to come out from behind the protection of anonymity:

"EM: Do you know who's holding the bill? Is that something that's within your knowledge?

"BF: I can find out, Ed. What a hold is - a lot of legislation has come to the floor and things are moving kind of fast - but what a hold is, is the ability of someone to say 'Slow down and protect me on the floor.' You hear all the arguments about last-minute holds or holds occurring right before a break, and people will say, 'Slow it down so we can take a look at it.' Part of it is that things come to us so quickly, and this particular bill probably most people didn't see it because we were doing so much those last two or three days. But an individual can't stop it or hold it from coming to the floor. What it does mean is 'Put a pause on it until I can see it and protect our rights on the floor.' It’s a way to support the comity of the Senate. It doesn't mean it can't be taken to the floor."

Go here for the rest of Frist's comments to Morrissey.

And go here for the Iran section of the Morrissey/Johnson/Hinderaker session with the Senate Majority Leader and here for the general politics section.