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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Boycott Chavez' Citgo

Dear Citgo:

Every morning and evening, I drive more than 50 miles to and from work. That means twice or sometimes three times each week, I need to fill up. There is a Citgo/High's Store conveniently located about seven miles from my house on my route. That's almost always where I stop to fill up.

Never again.

UPDATE: CITGO Boycott momentum growing

GOP and the City is where I found the wonderful logo above. The Man there is tracking bloggers picking up on the Chavez-Citgo Boycott and posting additional logos like the praying Chavez. You think maybe he's praying Americans don't get a gutful of him and stop buying his gas?

Note to The Man: Sorry about the tardy credit and thanks for helping lead the response to the lunatic rantings of Chavez, who obviously expects to succeed Fidel Castro as the Southern Hemisphere's most visible despot.

UPDATE II: Captain likes boycott

Captain's Quarters Ed Morrissey normally isn't a fan of economic boycotts, but Chavez was so insulting to America and Americans that:

"However, in this case, it's not a protest about gas prices in general but against a business owner (Chavez) who went out of his way to personally insult our Head of State, from which all Americans should take offense. For me, BP Amoco and SuperAmerica look better and better all the time."

We don't have SuperAmericas in Maryland, at least not where I live, but we do have lots and lots of alternatives to Citgo.

UPDATE III: Here are the American-owned stations

Chevron American
Coastal American
Conoco American
Esso American
Exxon American
Gas Express American
Getty American
Gulf American
Hess American
Kerr-McGee American
Marathon American
Martin American
Mobil American
Murphy USA American
Pate American
Petro American
Phillips 66 American
Sergaz American
Sinclair American
Sonoco American
Spur American
Star Kleen American
STP Fuel Centers American
Sunoco American
Tenneco American
Texaco American
Ultramar American
Union 76 American
Zephyr American

This list is courtesy of Roger Simmermakers, who is the guy behind the How Americans Can Buy American web site, which you should check out here.

HT: Kyle Tapscott (Yes, he's my bro and I'm proud of him! He ought to start a blog.)