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Friday, September 22, 2006

Edsall of The Washington Post Says Mainstream Media Bias is Deeply Liberal

Thomas Edsall is retiring later this year as The Washington Post's senior political correspondent. When he sat down with Hugh Hewitt for a radio chat yesterday, what followed was one of the most brutally candid discussions ever about the Mainstream Media and its deeply ingrained liberal biases.

Here's just one exchange, to give you an idea of how Edsall pulled no punches:

"HH: Is there any big name political reporter, and you know them all, Thomas Edsall. That's why your book, "Building Red America," is getting read left and right. Are there any of them who are conservative?

"TE: Big name political reporter?

"HH: Right.

"TE: Jim Vandehei of The Washington Post.

"HH: Think he's voted for Republicans for president?

"TE: Yes, I think he has. I don't know, because he’s never told me. But I would think he has.

"HH: And so, of those sorts … and he's a very fine reporter.

"TE: He is.

"HH: He probably is a Republican. But given that number of reporters out there, is it ten to one Democrat to Republican? Twenty to one Democrat to Republican?

"TE: It's probably in the range of 15-25:1 Democrat."

Go here to read it. And, as Glenn Reynolds says, just keep scrolling.