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Saturday, September 23, 2006

LaShawn Barber Live-Blogging from Traditional Values Conference

It was just a decade ago that President Bill Clinton signed the Defense of Marriage Act - bet you didn't remember that he signed that one, did you! - and this weekend is the Values Voter Summit hosted by the Family Research Council at the Omni Shoreham in Washington, D.C. LaShawn Barber is live-blogging the event.

Considering the key role of values voter in the GOP's prospects for retaining control of the House and Senate - to say nothing of the White House in two years - it is not surprising that among the speakers has been Tony Snow. LaShawn has also reported on speeches by Gary Bauer and Ann Coulter. Lots going on here and LaShawn is a meticulous observer of the important details.

She says she is the only blogger attending who is actually live-blogging the summit. Very curious. I understand from LaShawn that Joe Carter of Evangelical Outpost is FRC's new communications director, so I assume he didn't have sufficient time to promote the event to the Christian and conservative communities of the Blogosphere. You can be sure that will change with Joe on board!