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Thursday, September 07, 2006

PAC Contributions Show Stevens is a Political Saint

Sen. Ted Stevens, R-AK, has been catching loads of grief throughout the Blogosphere in recent weeks as a result of his opposition to the Coburn-Obama bill to establish an Internet database of most federal spending.

He put an anonymous hold on the bill and appears to be scheming with Sen. Robert Byrd, D-WV, and a third as-yet-unnamed Democrat senator to prevent the Senate from having an up-or-down vote on the bill.

But the latest figures on campaign contributions, as compiled by the Political Moneyline, suggest that instead of the political devil he is so widely made out to be by blogospherians, maybe the Alaska solon ought to be seen as the exact opposite.

Why? Because the data shows Stevens represents the state with the least contributions by residents to federal candidates, with a mere $1.677,656. That compares with the more than $138 million by California residents, $124 million by New Yorkers, $72 million by Texans and $59 million by folks living in the District of Columbia.

Think of it - Stevens represents a state whose residents apparently can hardly be bothered to pull out their check books and write a $25 check to a candidate. Yet Stevens devotes himself selflessly and ceasely to the task of corralling federal dollars to send back to the ingrates living in that ice box he represents in Congress

(Ok, Ok, my family is from Texas and maybe I do have a little residual bias, as a result of losing our title as the biggest state. Sorry about the ice box reference. It was rather cold-hearted, wasn't it.)

He's been so dedicated to that task that he even threatened to resign at one point during the debate over the $250 million "Bridge to Nowhere." Look at it this way - $250 million-plus in return for $1.6 million in contributions (and he doesn't even get all of the contributions!).

Either this man is the best investment in American political history or he's nothing less than a political Saint.