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Friday, January 28, 2005

A Fine Time Was Had by All

An enthusiastic crowd just about packed The Heritage Foundation's Van Andel Center earlier today to hear three of the Blogosphere's stars answer this question: Is the Blogosphere the New Media Establishment?

I am perhaps a tad biased since I hosted this august event, but I am confident the assembled horde of bloggers, blog watchers and blog enthusiasts were a satisfied bunch when the last word was spoken by RatherBiased.com's Matthew Sheffield. Joining Matthew on the panel were Paul Mirengoff of Powerlineblog.com and Kevin Alyward of Wizbangblog.com.

If you were unable to attend this event but would like to listen to an audio of the proceedings, go here to Heritage Live. Listen closely to Sheffield's comments during the Q/A and you will hear an intriguing comment about his next project.

Oh yes, the trio had somewhat different answers to the query that brought about the program. Not wanting to discourage you from listening to the entire webcast, let me just say one of them said no, one of them said a and one of them said it already is, almost. Now you have to go listen to find out who said what.