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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Does Summers Lynching Mean Academia is the Most Intolerant Place in America?

Harvard President Lawrence H. Summers is being lynched by a bunch of politically correct storm troopers because he commited the unforgivable sin of deviationism. Deviating from the accepted Leftist orthodoxy that plagues the American campus, that is, by observing that there appear to be fewer women than men in certain esoteric fields like higher mathematics, suggesting that the reasons for this ought to be explored and wondering if perhaps we should consider if there a connection between the numbers and inate gender differences.

I've avoided posting on Summers plight because at first it seemed unlikely to be more than a day or two-day story. Boy was I wrong on that score. Just yesterday, Summers met for the second time with the Harvard faculty and, according to an account of the meeting in The Washington Post, he opened with this statement:

"I am committed to opening a new chapter in my work with you. To start, I pledge to listen more, and more carefully, and to temper my words and actions in ways that convey respect and help us work together."

Is it not sad to see a grown man on his knees like that? With that statement, Summers all but begged them to please, please, please forgive him and promised to never, ever again dare to think any sort of subversive deviationist thoughts.

Even though the Post quoted an attendee from yesterday's meeting saying there wasn't quite as much angry passion among faculty members as in the previous such gathering, it is hard to see how Summers can survive much longer.

Perhaps the faculty storm troopers will now allow him a dignified but temporary respite from the vicious personal attacks, character assassinations and uncompromising calls for his resignation during which time he will be expected quietly to seek a new job. More likely, though the screaming will continue until the pieces of his figuratively dismembered career are hung in the four corners of the storm troopers' domain as warnings to all who join him in deviant thought.

Alas, the intellectual freedom of inquiry and expression than once marked the ivy covered groves of Academe is being snuffed by the aging children of the 60s. Increasingly, it is professional suicide to think and speak views that don't conform to the Left's various orthodox shibboleths, especially those enforced by close-minded feminists, rabid multi-culturalists and Hate America-types of all stripes.

Sad, so very, very sad.